Welcome to #ASPA2020!

Taking place April 3-7, 2020, the Annual Conference build-up begins early and will carry beyond the conference's end dates. Use this website as your information source for everything related to ASPA's plans for the event.

What can you expect out of our time in Anaheim? Fun! 

Our Annual Conference is the premier conference of the year for:
  • Meeting public administrators
  • Meeting scholars
  • Presenting research and best practices
  • Road-testing new ideas
  • Meeting people to partner with on future research
  • Building internal ASPA communities (Chapters and Sections) and planning for future events
  • Learning about publishing in the discipline

The list goes on and on.

We'll be updating information regularly between now and April 2020; for now, get ready to share a ton of information with your peers (those you know and some you don't!) and have a lot of fun doing it!

(Find terminology you don't understand or have questions about? Visit our online dictionary for more information. If you don't find the term there, contact us to get your questions answered—and let us know to add it to our dictionary or Frequently Asked Questions page!)