What are the dates of the conference?
ASPA’s 2023 Annual Conference will take place Monday, March 20 through Friday, March 24, providing a dynamic, flexible event comprising both live and prerecorded sessions. Attendees will have online access to all content for months following the conference’s conclusion.

Why did ASPA decide to host the 2023 Annual Conference as a virtual conference?
We were delighted to hold the 2022 Annual Conference in person this past spring and know our attendees were gratified to see their friends and colleagues after such a long pandemic quarantine. We also appreciate the desire to continue in person next year. That said, as organizations like ours continue to cope with the residual effects of the COVID pandemic—hotel jam-ups, extremely limited availability and demand-driven cost increases due to postponed events that we could not pass along to our attendees—we must host our 2023 conference online.

How many of the sessions will take place live?
Approximately half of all concurrent sessions (approximately 100) will take place live, with priority given to workshops and Chapter- and Section-led sessions. Other sessions will be confirmed for live participation based on presenter preferences and availability. All Presidential Panels and plenaries will be live.

I have been accepted as a presenter. Where do I find more information?
Use the navigation bar toward the top of this website, click on "Sessions," and use the tools there for all the details you need. If you need more details about your exact session (recorded or live, how-tos and more), contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

With some of the concurrent sessions being recorded, how do the speakers and audience interact?
Conference presenters will be live-chatting with panel attendees throughout their sessions, answering questions, sharing new data and providing more information about their research. You also will be able to connect with your fellow attendees through chats and email to keep the conversation going after the session is over.

I am a presenter and I have recorded my session. What happens next?
Presenters will show up for their sessions on the day of the event (a 60-minute session) and will engage in live chat, Q&A and other interactions with the audience viewing the video. (See above, as well.) The live chat/Q&A will last the entire 60-minute time while the recording is playing.

How do I access the conference?
The conference will be hosted via a separate website. All attendees and speakers will be given the website link and login details the week before the conference. You will use that link to access the entire conference, including all sessions you are attending. If you are a speaker on a panel, you will use this same website to access your panel at the time it is playing and engage with your audience through the chat and Q&A screens. You will not receive separate Zoom details for conference events. While the software is Zoom-based, access to it is not via the Zoom website.

What are the registration fees?
Registration rates are posted on our site here. Make sure you log in before you try to register so that you have the smoothest process possible. If you need your login details, contact us for assistance.

Will international participants have the same experience as U.S.-based attendees?
As we were in 2021, ASPA is committed to a virtual conference format that allows international attendees to receive the same conference experience as those in the United States. We are taking time zones into consideration to enable live participation from around the globe and be careful about timing to ensure maximum participation. All sessions will be archived for future, on demand viewing.

Will there be opportunities for Chapter and Section events?
Yes. ASPA leaders are committed to having our Chapter and Section communities convene during the virtual conference, just as they would in person. We hope that the virtual platform will enable more opportunities to meet, not fewer. Opportunities include Chapter and Section business meetings, symposia, panels and more. View our Schedule at a Glance to see how those plans are taking shape.

Will there be a code of conduct for the 2023 Annual Conference?
Yes. You can find it online here.

Whom should I contact with questions?
Please email [email protected] with any questions.