The Elmer B. Staats Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Public Service has been established to honor a public administrator's career accomplishments and contributions to the public service and ASPA over a lifetime. The Award Criteria are threefold:

Career Accomplishments: The nominee may be retired or still in the workforce but must have had at least 20 years of professional public service; made outstanding contributions to an
organization or organizations on a sustained basis; and managed, created, or facilitated significant programs and/or projects within her/his areas of responsibility to the ultimate benefit of the general public.

Contributions the Public Service: Service and contributions to the public sector and/or not-for-profit sector are important factors in this award. Such activities may include service on boards and commissions, governmental service, and service to professional organizations.

Contributions to ASPA: The nominee must have distinguished herself/himself through three or more of the following:
  • Excellence in leadership of ASPA as its national president;
  • Outstanding service as a member or former member of the ASPA National Council;
  • Major contributions to the success of ASPA's national committees, boards, and/or Steering groups;
  • Excellence in the leadership of ASPA sections and/or chapters;
  • Sustained effort to enhance the image of the profession through ASPA;
  • Other distinguished service to ASPA.
The initial honoree through this Lifetime Achievement Award was Elmer B. Staats. Honorees include Dwight Ink, David O. (Doc) Cooke, and Harlan Cleveland.
(Note: each year, the National Capital Area Chapter presents its Hon. Elmer B. Staats Award for Accountability in Government to individuals or organizations in any sector of government or academia excelling in studies or analyses of the effectiveness of governmental programs.)


To nominate an individual for this award, please complete the nomination form and provide the requested information. Please note that attachments can only be accepted as Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

Elmer Staats Nomination Form


Year        Winner

2014        Michael G. Massiah

2013        Audrey L. Mathews

2012        Mary R. Hamilton

2011       Thaddeus L. Juszczak , Jr.

2010       Award not given

2009       Walter Broadnax

2008       Sylvester Murray

2007       Enid Beaumont

2006       No award given.

2005       Nesta Gallas

2004       Robert H. (Tex) McClain, Jr.

2003       Harlan Cleveland

2002       David O. Cooke

2001       Dwight Ink, President Emeritus, Institute of Public Administration