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February 26, 2020

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Five Great Reasons to Be in Anaheim

Join more than 1,400 practitioners, scholars and aspiring leaders for the nation's largest gathering of public service professionals. ASPA's 2020 Annual Conference, taking place April 3-7 in Anaheim, California, will spotlight our society's most critical challenges and ways to address them. More than 230 panels, workshops, keynotes and demonstrations will highlight proven, on-the-ground practices and innovative scholarship that definitively advance excellence in public service in the United States and around the globe.

Here are five excellent reasons why you should make plans to be in Anaheim.

  1. Be Inspired
    Public service provides a mix of successes and challenges but thinking about the possibilities is inspiring. Take a break from the every-day and enjoy this opportunity to think about what could be. Built into this conference's theme, "2020 Vision for Politics, Policy and Administration" are visions of the future for our profession and plenary addresses and presidential panels will highlight them. But more, this is an excellent opportunity to create your own vision for how you can take an active role in shaping and creating the future. Be in Anaheim this April, where inspiration awaits!

  2. The Boldest Names
    ASPA's keynotes will bring together the best of the best in ways few other events can offer. Six plenary addresses will feature stellar headliners to offer wisdom, insights and lessons, from former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to Luce Foundation CEO Mariko Silver to Georgetown University's Don Moynihan. Make sure you're there to benefit from the knowledge and substance we're packing into five days.

  3. Learn from Fellow Administrators
    The ASPA Annual Conference is the melting pot for the broad range of professionals within the field: academics, practitioners, students and think-tankers. This year will be no exception! The following is a sample of the California agencies from whom you'll hear in Anaheim (find a longer list on our website):
    City of Beverly Hills, California
    City of Anaheim, California
    City of San Marino, California
    City of Santa Monica, California
    Dept. of Emergency Management, Sonoma County, California
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Los Angeles
    Institute for Local Government
    Los Angeles County
    Los Angeles County Fire Department

  4. Public Administration in Action
    This year's conference will bring attendees close to the action with two hands-on demonstrations of public administration: the 2020 Census and U.S. port administration. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn about how states across the country are administering the census during one of our presidential panels—as well as fill out their own form while in Anaheim (or after you've left). Attendees also can take a tour of the Port of Long Beach and witness how the nation's second-largest port manages day-to-day business. Be a part of these activities and take lessons back to the office for your own use.

  5. Immigration in Context
    Few issues are more polarizing than immigration. No issue is in greater need of a perspective that goes beyond the daily headlines. New York Times reporter and two-time Pulitzer finalist Jason DeParle spent 30 years following an extended family of Filipino immigrants from the slums of Manila to the suburbs of Houston. His observations tell the larger story of global migration, a force remaking economics, politics and culture across the world. While today’s politics of immigration are broken, DeParle will shape a narrative showing immigration as an under-appreciated American success. Join us for this keynote and add your perspective to this conversation.

This conference kicks off in Anaheim in less than six weeks! Make time now to finalize your plans, get registered and a be part of this premier public service event of the year.

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As 2020 Census Approaches, Guidance Abounds for Local Gov
Excerpted from Government Technology's recent article on this subject.

Kyla Fullenwider, who was the first chief innovation officer for the U.S. Census Bureau, recently helped author a new guide for local governments working to help support this year’s Census.

Fullenwider did so in her current capacity as a Georgetown University Beeck Center fellow, lending her expertise to The 2020 Census: Digital Preparedness Playbook, which aims to help local governments prepare for a coming count in which they have what Fullenwider described as "an unprecedented level of responsibility." This is because the count will determine billions of dollars of federal funding as well as political representation at the federal level for the next decade. At the same time, there has been an unprecedented modernization of communication means since the 2010 Census that local gov and its partners must deal with, Fullenwider said.

Click here to read the full article.

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E-Learning Takes You to the Next Level

ASPA's e-learning opportunities are ongoing throughout the year. Averaging 75 attendees per live event and free for anyone to participate, these events provide you with valuable insights and information at your fingertips. Visit our website to stay informed about all upcoming webinars including KeepingCurrent, BookTalks and the Student and New Professionals Series.

ASPA President Paul Danczyk released his February video of the month a few weeks ago. Before February is over, take a few minutes to check it out and catch up on this month's conference shout-outs and more!

Click above to load the video in your web browser.

Look below for details about our e-learning program!

BookTalk: U.S. Inspectors General: Truth Tellers in Turbulent Times
March 12 | 1 p.m. ET
Charlie Johnson, Texas A&M University
John Kamensky, Moderator, The IBM Center for The Business of Government
Kathy Newcomer, The George Washington University

U.S. Inspectors General: Truth Tellers in Turbulent Times looks at how officials reporting to both executive officials and congressional representatives work to keep the government honest, efficient and effective. Authors Newcomer and Johnson emphasize the "strategic environment" in which inspectors general work and interact with a variety of stakeholders, inside and outside the government. This new book is based on in-depth case studies, a survey of inspectors general and a review of public documents related to the work of inspectors general. Join us for this online event and hear more about this remarkable work.

Incorporating Difficult Conversations in Public Administration Courses
From our archives, this webinar focused on how to incorporate uncomfortable conversations into mainstream public administration classes—or create special topics classes where and as necessary. (Members-only programming.)

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Focus on Membership: Beyond Conference

While more than 1,300 members, friends, colleagues and public servants will be gathered in Anaheim for this year's Annual Conference in April, we know the majority of our members do not attend this annual event.

Whether you will be at the conference or not, here's a brief reminder of some of the ASPA programs and services available to you all year long.

  • Your local Chapter provides in-person networking and peer-to-peer dialogue throughout the year. If you have not engaged with them recently, find out what your fellow members will be up to this spring and get involved. (For those of you without a Chapter, all it takes is you and 15 of your closest ASPA friends to form one! Get a group together and then contact us for more details about how you can start your own Chapter.)
  • E-newsletters provide you with multiple ways to stay in touch with the discipline without straying far from home. This newsletter, the ASPA News Digest, This Week At ASPA, PA TIMES Online and more connect you with your peers and colleagues and keep you informed about what's going on in the discipline.
  • If the constant news flow in your email isn't enough, follow us on Twitter for even more information! @ASPANational currently has more than 6100 people following it, covering practitioner and researcher news from across the profession. This is one of the best ways to stay connected.
  • ASPA's Code of Ethics provides practitioners and researchers alike with a barometer for what ethical behavior in the discipline should look like. Need help knowing where to draw the ethical line? Contact us and one of our experts will be happy to provide guidance. This is a critical benefit; make the most of it.
  • Webinars throughout the year provide you with e-learning that amplifies your knowledge. Our KeepingCurrent series, BookTalks and the Student and New Professional series cover new angles and provide you with distance learning to inform your day-to-day needs.
  • PA TIMES Online and our quarterly magazine connect you with thought leadership from across the discipline. The next edition of the magazine will hit your mailbox this spring and online editions hit your email every week.
  • PublicServiceCareers.org serves as our home for public sector jobs. Use it for your next job search—or to post your organization's next open position.
  • Public Administration Review is your year-round source for the best research in public administration.

Make the most of these services and use your ASPA membership all year long!

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Chapter/Section Information Form Filing Deadline Approaches

Chapter presidents and Section chairs: Your deadline for filing your information forms, including your 2019 financial data, is coming up! All forms are due to ASPA's national office by March 3, 2020. If you need a copy of the form, please contact us.

These forms ask for a number of details including group leadership data, programmatic recaps and financial information. All of the questions are important and we look forward to receiving completed forms from all of our Chapters and Sections—but the financial information is critical to us filing your IRS forms on time. Please make sure to submit the information by our deadline so we can help you retain your tax-exempt status.

Note: Chapters and Sections that do not complete information forms will not receive their rebates in a timely fashion.

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In Memoriam: Keith Mulrooney

Life-long public servant and longtime resident of Alexandria, Virginia Keith Mulrooney died peacefully with his family around him on February 14, 2020. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mulrooney graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History and later received an MPA from the University of Southern California.

After serving proudly as 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mulrooney began a career in city management. He worked as assistant city manager of Pomona, California and as city manager of Claremont, California, as well as Alexandria, Virginia. For more than 10 years he served as ASPA's executive director and was later nominated as fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. He also worked for President George H. W. Bush as a presidential appointee in the Federal Highway Administration.

Mulrooney began running at the age of 43, completing his first of six marathons in his mid-60s. His passion for environmental conservation led to more than a decade of service to The Nature Conservancy. He was a lifelong ambassador of Stanford University, particularly Stanford in Washington. With his perpetual drive for learning and a deep love of history, he became an avid world traveler, travelling to more than 80 countries.

Family was first to Mulrooney; he was known as "Bopa" to his grandchildren. He is survived by his three children, their spouses and his five grandchildren.

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In Memoriam: Charlie Coe

Charles K. Coe, professor emeritus of public administration, passed away on February 5, 2020.

Coe joined North Carolina State’s (NC State) public administration faculty in 1983 and served for 28 years. After retiring, he remained active within the college until his death.
"The field of Public Administration lost a leading light and we lost a dear friend," said Jeff Diebold, chair of the department of public administration in NC State’s School of Public and International Affairs.

Coe was a leading authority in his field. His work is cited frequently by other scholars in their research and relied upon by practitioners nationwide. He found deep satisfaction in researching and finding workable solutions to financial challenges in local government. He also enjoyed writing books, articles and papers about his research results. In 2011, he received the Charles H. Levine Memorial Award for Excellence in Public Administration, given jointly by ASPA and the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Over the course of his career at NC State, Coe helped prepare thousands of students to understand the budgetary process and perform budget and financial management functions across North Carolina and around the country. He also mentored faculty and was revered for his knowledge and his kindness.

"Charlie lit up the hallways with a bright smile and engaging story," said longtime friend and colleague Rich Clerkin, a professor of public administration at NC State. "He modeled commitment to public service and how to be an excellent scholar who produces work to improve the field of practice. His mark on the growth and development of the department is as important as the deep friendships and connections he made across the faculty and staff of SPIA."

Coe and his wife felt strongly about supporting faculty research and graduate students; they created a bequest to enhance research within NC State's School of Public and International Affairs. He is survived by his wife, Marty, his son, Lincoln, his sister, Cathy, and six nephews.

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New International Enrollments Climb at U.S. Grad Schools
Excerpted from Inside Higher Education

First-time enrollments of international students at U.S. graduate schools increased by four percent in fall 2019 compared to the previous fall, according to new survey results from the Council of Graduate Schools. Applications from prospective international graduate students also increased by three percent.

While trends varied across institution types and fields of study, the overall results are good news for U.S. graduate schools, which reported declining international applications and stagnating new international enrollments over the prior two admission cycles. But the release of the data comes against a context of big changes in the climate for international recruiting, including a U.S. government ban on travel of foreign nationals from China in response to the global spread of the coronavirus.

Click here to read the full article.

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New to the ASPA Book Store

David Ammons' Performance Measurement for Managing Local Government now is available for purchase on the ASPA bookstore.

Today, local governments routinely report performance measures to city councils, county commissions and citizens. Many government officials want to do more with their measures: They want to use them not just for reporting but also for management purposes—to improve operations and services. But the measures governments have now often are inadequate for this expanded role. After teaching thousands of government practitioners about performance measurement, David Ammons knows the questions these practitioners, as well as students of performance measurement, want answered. This book delivers.

Performance Measurement for Managing Local Government answers the persistent questions confronting everyone who has ever tried to design measures, refine measures or make measures the management tools they are supposed to be. This book describes the ins and outs of performance measurement, guides readers toward proper design of measures, illustrates common errors and ways to avoid them, offers tips, and even provides sets of suitable measures on which to build.

ASPA's stock is limited; purchase yours today!

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New Policy Resource Released

The Washington Center for Equitable Growth recently released a collection of 21 essays with innovative, evidence-based and concrete policy ideas to shape the 2020 policy debate. Vision 2020: Evidence for a Stronger Economy features leading voices from academia with bold policy proposals to tackle the most pressing economic issues facing Americans today.

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In the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from the past few weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


Public Service/Governance/Leadership

Social Equity

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Welcome New ASPA Members!
Click here to view the most recent new ASPA members!

Academics of PA Podcast

In the latest episode of the podcast, Academics of PA, co-host Bruce McDonald talked with Norma Riccucci from Rutgers University about her career, the importance of social equity and how she found public administration. She also discusses two big challenges that are faced within the profession: the ongoing problem of pay inequity within the profession, and a growing challenge to recruit students into public service. Riccucci addresses how these challenges are being addressed and what is needed to help move us forward.

The episode with Norma Riccucci, along with all past episodes, including conversations with Camille Stivers, James Perry, Mary Guy, Hal Rainey and John Mikesell, can be found at academicsofpa.podbean.com, as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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NAPA Social Equity Leadership Conference Call for Proposals Extended to March 2

For 19 years, the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) has partnered annually with a host organization to present the Social Equity Leadership Conference (SELC), focused on advancing social equity. Acknowledging the persistent and unacceptable disparities that continue to challenge policymakers and policy leaders, the 2020 conference theme, "Advancing Social Equity: Implementing and Measuring Change in the Public Arena," focuses on specific strategies and initiatives that are advancing social equity, and the evaluation or research strategies that are helping us understand which initiatives are working—and why.

NAPA invites individual abstract and/or full panel submissions to the 2020 conference at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. The proposal deadline has been extended until Monday, March 2. The conference will take place June 10-12.

The planning committee seeks conference participation from academics, students, advocates, community organizers, public sector administrators, tribal administrators, nonprofit leaders and policymakers. Specifically, they encourage evaluation-oriented and praxis-oriented proposals centered on better understanding innovations that address persistent economic, education, employment, health, housing, environmental, criminal justice, technology, transportation and other opportunity gaps across the United States and globally.

Most abstracts will be connected to one of the three conference subthemes. Read the full Call for Proposals for subthemes and more information on submission guidelines. Click here for other conference details.

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National Forum of Black Public Administrators Scholarship and Poster Contest Open

The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) is accepting nominations for its 2020 Scholarship Program, designed to recognize African American or other minority students who are currently enrolled full-time at an accredited, traditional four-year college or university, preferably an HBCU, who exemplify outstanding scholarship and leadership, particularly as related to public service. NFBPA invites undergraduate and graduate students to participate in this year's program as we look forward to making this year's scholarship awards. Click here for more information.

Similarly, NFBPA's Student Research Poster Contest, which will take place at Forum 2020—April 16 in Austin—is open and accepting submissions. In order to be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in a traditional four-year college or university with at least one semester remaining after May 2020. The deadline to submit a poster abstract is February 28. Click here for more information.

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E-PARCC 2020 Cases and Simulations Competition

The Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) at the Syracuse University Maxwell School is sponsoring its 12th annual competition of E-PARCC to further stimulate the creation of effective and innovative teaching cases and simulations. E-PARCC provides free online resources for those who teach collaborative public management, network governance and analysis, collaborative governance, international development and collaborative problem solving around the world. Two competitions are underway: Collaborative Public Management, Network Governance and Analysis, Collaborative Governance, and Collaborative Problem Solving; and the Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development. Case and simulations studies on E-PARCC vary widely. In general, cases are approximately 15-25 type-written pages (double-spaced); simulations should include a minimum of four players. All entries must include a teaching note and all cases and simulations must be original and not published elsewhere. Selection of the winners will be made by a committee of scholars and practitioners. All case studies and simulations must be submitted no later than March 15, 2020. All entries should be submitted electronically to the PARCC office; questions should be directed to PARCC Director Catherine Gerard. Click here for more information.

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IASIA Announces 2020 Conference

The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA) announces its 2020 annual conference will take place July 20-25 in Bela Bela, South Africa, around the theme, "Public Administration in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." This conference will be held in close collaboration with the University of South Africa and will bring together practitioners, academics, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who will exchange on current and ongoing topics and concerns during the various sessions. Eleven working groups are organizing conference tracks; participants will also have the opportunity to attend plenary sessions and specific panels, which will discuss topics related to public administration, and education and training. All proposal abstracts are due March 15, 2020; registrations are due June 1, 2020. Click here for more information.

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University of Central Florida Hosting PARC 2020

The University of Central Florida will hold the 14th Annual Public Administration Research Conference (PARC) this March 19-20, themed, “Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Generation of Public Leaders: Lessons for Community-Engaged and Socially Equitable Urban Governance, Resilience, and Sustainability.” Annually, PARC brings together academics and practitioners to share innovative ideas and engage in discussions related to public administration and community leadership. Click here for more information.

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NISPAcee 2020 Conference This May in Croatia

The 28th NISPAcee Annual Conference will take place May 14-16, 2020 in Split, Croatia at the University of Split. Its theme will be, “Governance and citizens' rights in the era of Europeanization, globalization and digitalization.” Early registration expires April 5. Click here for more information.

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AAPAM 13th Innovative Management Award Call for Nominations

The African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) announces a call for submissions for its 13th Innovative Management Award, a continent-wide award honoring public sector institutions, organizations and ministries that have made exceptional and longstanding contributions to public service delivery. The Awards will be presented at the 41st AAPAM Roundtable Conference. Winners and other leading entries will be extensively publicized and featured in the AAPAM Newsletter. Contact [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] with questions and send nominations to the same addresses by May 15, 2020.

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Institute for Peace and Dialogue Announces Summer 2020 Programs

The Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) is proud to announce the next International Summer Programs for 2020, to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Applicants can choose participation in Basel Global Peace Conference, the 10- or 20-day Summer Academy or to be a researcher during a three-month research program, which may be combined with the other opportunities. Participants will have access to expert knowledge and hands-on experience as all facilitators are specialists with years of experience in their respective fields. Scholarships and discounts are available. Click here for more information.

Dates of Note:
13th Summer Academy Period: August 2-11, 2020
14th Summer Academy Period: August 11-20, 2020
3rd Basel Global Peace Conference: August 11, 2020
Three-Month Research and Academic Trainings: August-October, 2020
Early Bird Application & Payment Deadline: May 1, 2020
Late Application & Payment Deadline: June 30, 2020

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PAR Update

The PAR 80(2) Table of Contents is now available, as is PAR's behavioral PA symposium issue, 80(1) and recently a updated virtual issue of highly cited PAR articles.

Table of Contents:
Revisiting Public Values: In Search of ... Common Decency?
Jeremy L. Hall and R. Paul Battaglio

Entrepreneurship in the Policy Process: Linking Behavior and Context through a Systematic Review of the Policy Entrepreneurship Literature
Neomi Frisch-Aviram, Itai Beeri and Nissim Cohen

Patterns of Policy Integration and Administrative Coordination Reforms: A Comparative Empirical Analysis
Philipp Trein and Martino Maggetti

The Moderating Role of Top-Down Supports in Horizontal Innovation Diffusion
Youlang Zhang and Xufeng Zhu

The Origins of Conflict in Polycentric Governance Systems
Mark Lubell, Jack Mewhirter, and Ramiro Berardo

Stability and Contingency in Federalism Preferences
John Dinan and Jac C. Heckelman

Who Does It Better? Comparing Immigration Detention Facility Performance in an Intergovernmental and Intersectoral Context
Zachary Bauer and Jocelyn M. Johnston

Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Public Sector: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda
Christa J. C. de Geus, Alex Ingrams, Lars Tummers and Sanjay K. Pandey

When Will Public Officials Listen? A Vignette Experiment on the Effects of Input Legitimacy on Public Officials’ Willingness to Use Public Participation
Koen Migchelbrink and Steven Van de Walle

Understanding Motivations of Mega-Gift Donors to Higher Education: A Qualitative Study
Michael J. Worth, Sheela Pandey, Sanjay K. Pandey and Suhail Qadummi

Can Charitable Donations Compensate for a Reduction in Government Funding? The Role of Information
Arjen de Wit and René Bekkers

Implementation of Digital-Era Governance: The Case of Open Data in U.S. Cities
Matthew M. Young

Stephen E. Condrey and Tonya Thornton Neaves, Associate Editors

Leading and Learning through Dynamic Performance Management in Government
Ioana Munteanu and Kathryn Newcomer

Seeing Transparency More Clearly
David E. Pozen

Galia Cohen, Editor

Community Development and Public Administration Theory: Promoting Democratic Principles to Improve Communities by Ashley E. Nickels and Jason D. Rivera (2018)
Reviewed by Cait Kenendy and Joseph W. Mead

The One Way Street of Integration: Fair Housing and the Pursuit of Racial Justice in American Cities by Edward Goetz (2018)
Reviewed by Melanie Bowers

A Transatlantic History of Public Administration: Analyzing the USA, Germany, and France by Fritz Sager, Christian Rosser, Céline Movrot, and Pascal Y. Hurni (2018)
Reviewed by Adam M. Wellstead
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This quarter, we welcome submissions that focus on public service. Send your contributions to us at any time; the deadline is rolling. Contact us for more information.

Check out our recent articles and columns:

Paid to Populate: Demographic Disparities and Resident Incentive Programs
By Ian Hutcheson

Our Vote is Our Voice—A Celebration of Courage and Persistence
By April Townsend

The United States Congress Confronts the Future of Work
By Bill Brantley

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