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April 10, 2019

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2019 Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) is a national celebration of those who serve us all: public servants at the local, state and federal level. In light of the federal government shut-down that closed government offices for more than a month earlier this year, ASPA encourages all of our Chapters, Sections, universities and affiliates to make the most of this year’s opportunity to celebrate the public service.

Taking place this May 5-11, this annual event calls attention to the important work happening in the public sector throughout the year. Fundraisers, baseball games, proclamations, awards events and more take place across the country, celebrating public service. In its 35th year, it has gained traction and prestige across the country, including annual Congressional resolutions and White House proclamations recognizing this week-long event.

How can you get involved and bring even more attention to this national celebration?

  • ASPA Chapters: Use this week—or one of the surrounding ones—to honor the public servants near you. The celebration does not need to be big. If you have a small Chapter, engage in a letter-writing campaign with your closest newspaper to send a letter to the editor in honor of your local public servants. Or, bring a thank-you basket to your closest local service office to thank them for their work. Of course, awards events and celebratory banquets are always wonderful—but think at the scale that makes sense to your group. The most important piece of PSRW is that you participate.
  • ASPA Sections: Use your Section newsletters to publish stories about public servants in your group or experts in your field. Draw attention to the value their work achieves and thank them for their service. Also, join with your local Chapter to support its efforts and participate in the events taking place in your region. And, don't forget: It is never too late to start considering who to nominate for future national-level awards in honor of the excellent work they are undertaking for our discipline. Use PSRW as an opportunity to think about who you will choose to nominate later this year.
  • Universities: Our colleagues at universities across the country are, perhaps, in one of the best spaces to celebrate public service. Often, you share close relationships with local government officials and know the most about the unsung heroes in our midst. Use this year's PSRW to highlight those individuals through campus newsletters, university media outlets or work within our Chapters and Sections.

However you choose to get involved this year, share details about your activities far and wide so the public servants you are celebrating are well known outside your local area. Post information on social media using #PSRW2019 and send us any information you can so we can celebrate your PSRW honorees throughout the ASPA community.

One of the few silver linings of the government shutdown just a few short months ago was that public servants were highlighted in a unique way for the value they bring to our country. Let's use PSRW this May to thank them for that value and publicly bring recognition to the important work they are all doing.

Contact us to share information about what your Chapter, Section, university or government office is planning for this May!

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Annual Conference Photos Now Online; Final Chance to Evaluate #ASPA2019

ASPA's photo library is now live on Flickr! This year's event was only a month ago and already it is fading from memory—but it doesn’t have to!

Visit ASPA's online photo stream and check out everything that took place at the conference. If you see a photo you like and want a copy without the watermark, contact us and we will send it to you!

More conference resources will continue to be posted in the coming weeks; we will alert you as soon as they are available.

While you're waiting, fill out this year's conference evaluation form! Final forms are due by this Friday, April 12. If you have not sent us feedback about your conference experience yet, fill out the evaluation forms this week.

Our conference evaluation survey asks for your feedback about the plenaries, exhibit hall, program book and overall conference experience. It should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. Those who provide contact details at the end of the survey will also be entered to win a free 2020 Annual Conference registration!

Our session survey provides ASPA with valuable feedback about speakers, topics, relevance and quality of the individual sessions that were presented. Please complete this form for as many ASPA sessions you attended as possible so we can best segment and use the data to plan for next year's panels. The form should take you no more than two minutes to complete per panel.

We look forward to all final feedback provided.

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KeepingCurrent, BookTalks and Student Webinars on the Horizon

ASPA's webinars are ongoing throughout the year. Averaging 75 attendees per event and free to participate, these e-learning opportunities provide you with valuable insights and information at your fingertips. Visit our website to stay informed about all upcoming webinars including KeepingCurrent, BookTalks and the Student and New Professionals Series.

BookTalk: Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration
April 18 | 1 p.m.
Kim Moloney, Murdoch University (Perth, Australia)
Alasdair Roberts, Moderator, University of Massachusetts—Amherst

This handbook has two premises. First, to investigate new public spaces of transnational policymaking, the design and delivery of global public goods and services, and the interdependent roles of transnational administrators who move between business bodies and other organizations. Second, to advance analysis beyond the methodological nationalism of the state. Attendees will learn how public administration’s methodological nationalism limits our ability to engage global governance and how to articulate the implication of neither the administrative state nor state-created regional/international organizations as the only policy and administrative actors at the regional and global level.

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Focus on Membership: Save Your Book Budget with Routledge!

Did you know that, through ASPA's partnership with Routledge, ASPA members can receive discounts on book purchases, as well as download free book chapters from the Routledge website?

The book chapter currently available is the first chapter of Managing Digital Governance by Yu-Che Chen and is available on ASPA's page on the site. This resource explores some of the challenges 21st century public managers face in their efforts to provide online services to the citizens they serve, as well as how public managers can best create public values via strategic digital governance initiatives.

Get your free chapter now and, if you like the book, receive 20 percent off the cover price when you order this or other featured Routledge books using ASPA's discount code!

Make the most of these members-only opportunities to build your public administration library! Contact us with questions.

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Leaders’ Webinar Looks at ASPA Programming

Calling all Chapter and Section leaders! ASPA President Paul Danczyk invites you to participate in a teleconference on April 23 at Noon ET, to share details with you about ASPA's national e-learning program for the coming year and ways you can get involved!

Focusing on monthly themes, this year's webinars will continue ASPA's emphasis on specific areas of governance challenges, while looking to broaden the scope to include knowledgeable experts, discipline-leading research and engaging researchers and authors.

Please make time to join us for this call; Paul and the ASPA staff are hoping our Chapters, Sections and national leaders not only help us with this year's e-learning program but also consider tying some of your programming to these themes throughout the year.

We look forward to hearing from you on April 23! Register now!

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PA TIMES Spring Edition Released

The Spring 2019 edition of PA TIMES Magazine has been posted to the ASPA website. Make sure you download your copy, which features an in-depth look at the value of public service, including motivations to serve and barriers to service.

Continuing our work to profile excellence within the discipline, this edition features a half-dozen current or former public servants at the state, federal and local level:

  • Ann Hess Braga (City of Boston)
  • Marlon Brown (State of Michigan)
  • Mila Cosgrove (City of Juneau, Alaska)
  • Ken Weaver (State of Maryland)
  • Scena Webb (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)
  • Kitty Wooley (former Department of Education)

Also included in this edition is a unique look at the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. Lauren Bock Mullins interviewed Nancy Tate, the former CEO of the League of Women Voters, about her time at the League and the fight for suffrage.

As noted in the article, events are taking place across the country throughout 2019 and 2020 to celebrate this important centennial, including events sponsored by ASPA's Greater Louisville Chapter, taking place later this spring. If you are interested in how you can get involved in this anniversary celebration or want some ideas for how your Chapter can start its own events, contact Victoria Gordon, the Greater Louisville Chapter president, or the 2020 Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative.

As now demonstrated, this edition of PA TIMES magazine is packed with content. Download your copy today and catch up on the latest in public administration. (Hard copies have been mailed to those who receive magazine editions in print.)

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Public Integrity Editor in Chief Call for Proposals Out

ASPA is pleased to invite proposals from those interested in serving as editor in chief of Public Integrity, public administration's scholarly journal addressing ethical issues affecting society.

Through the efforts of its current editorial team, led by editor in chief Carole Jurkiewicz of University of Colorado Colorado Springs, the journal has made meaningful strides, including its placement in Scopus, its editorial expansion into music and video genres and an increased number of editorial viewpoints.

We look forward to receiving a robust and diverse pool of applicants for this editorship, so please forward this information to your colleagues and networks who may be interested.

A complete Request for Proposals (RFP) is available on our website; you may also download the RFP here to view it as a PDF.

Proposals are due no later than Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to ASPA's chief of membership, marketing and communications, Karen Garrett. Contact her at 202-393-7878 with questions.

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In the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from the past few weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


Public Finance

Public Service/Governance

Social Equity

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ASPA and Members in the News

In partnership with the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA), ASPA executive director Bill Shields recently recorded a video message about NAPA's Grand Challenges initiative. Sharing why this initiative is so important, Bill encourages viewers to identify WHAT challenges are most important to public service and HOW we can join together to solve them. Click here to view the video and, especially if you are a NAPA fellow, make sure you participate in the Grand Challenges initiative.

Andrew Podger recently was published in the Canberra Times with an article looking at election process in Australia.

Also, for those interested in an advice column for the public sector, ASPA member David Reed is the author behind the new Dear Bureaucrat column in Federal Times. In the first installment, Dear Bureaucrat advises a public administrator who is being pressured to make false certifications.

Have you been featured in news stories recently? Let us know so we can share your media presence with the broader ASPA community!

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Welcome New ASPA Members!
Click here to view the most recent new ASPA members!

LFA Summer Training Institute Launches June 2019

Lead for America, an organization dedicated to building faith in, and the effectiveness of, America's public institutions by connecting government with outstanding talent, will be launching its inaugural Summer Training Institute this summer. This local government training program aims to prepare the next generation of local government leaders dedicated to returning to and transforming their rural, tribal and economically distressed hometown communities through a two-year fellowship in local government. Before each Fellow begins their two-year fellowship, the Summer Training Institute equips them with leadership and character development, MPA-level technical skills for local government, evidence-based data practices, diversity and inclusion training, and concrete toolsets and national networks to become both transformational public servants, as well as democracy entrepreneurs in their respective hometown communities. The training program will begin with a week in Washington, June 23-29, and LFA is seeking practitioners eager to play a speaking role and share their skills with the fellows, as well as financial sponsorships to support this program. If you are interested in supporting LFA’s efforts, contact Benya Kraus for more information.

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Call for Papers: International Journal of Policy Studies

The International Journal of Policy Studies (IJPS) invites researchers and scholars to contribute their original research to publish in the peer reviewed international journal. As an official journal of the Korean Association for Policy Studies, this journal accepts high-quality, original research featured in articles, policy debates and book reviews. IJPS aims to provide a comprehensive source of theoretical and analytical research that broadens the field of action in policy studies. The journal is devoted to significant advances in knowledge and understanding of the practices in the field of public policy and welcomes a wide range of topics, approaches and ideas through seeking an important balance in the production of descriptive, explanatory and evaluative policy oriented research. Click here for more information.

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APPAM Announces 2nd International Conference

APPAM's second international conference on governance and service delivery in developing economies will be held October 22-26, 2019 in Kampala, Uganda, around the theme, "Accountability, Innovations, and Quality Public Services Delivery." The conference will provide an arena for scholars, researchers and practitioners from diverse public management disciplines to collectively explore innovative solutions to quality of service delivery in Africa. Abstracts are due by April 15 via [email protected].

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CPS HR Consulting Webinar: Building Employee Engagement

CPS HR Consulting is pleased to invite you to a webinar, April 17 at 2 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PT): Building Employee Engagement—A Roadmap and Lessons Learned. During this webinar, Bob Lavigna, the director of the Institute for Public Sector Employee Engagement, will discuss the roadmap for measuring and improving employee engagement and share lessons learned. Participants will learn the most effective model for measuring and improving engagement and 13 key lessons on how public sector organizations can apply this information to create actionable steps for their agency. Click here for more information.

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Call for Participants: Institute for Peace and Dialogue

Institute for Peace and Dialogue (IPD) is one of the leading organizers of several successful annual international academic training and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, leadership, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights. Through these events, IPD brings together academicians, state, private and public sector representatives for the sake of better and more peaceful future building via education and networking. IPD is proud to announce the next International Summer Programs for 2019, which are to be held in Basel, Switzerland. Applicants can choose between the one- or two-day Basel Global Peace Conference, the 10- or 20-day Summer Academy or the three-month research program. Applications are due May 1, 2019. Click here for more information.

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SAAPAM 19th Annual Conference Takes Place this May

The South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) will hold its 2019 conference May 7-10, 2019 at the University of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit. The theme of the conference will be, "Public Affairs, Governance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Political parties in government are often considered catalysts in providing interventions to addressing some of these basic human needs issues in cases where they have collective value for a society. Classification of government in ministries and departments is an example of providing a focused approach to identify those needs which are inherently to the benefit of society as opposed to individual or private. This begs for an art of public affairs and governance to provide institutional mechanisms to realize set goals for each area. Click here for more information.

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Graduate School USA Hosts Federal Workforce Development Conference

Graduate School USA will present its second annual Federal Workforce Development Conference on Thursday, May 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Holiday Inn, Capitol, 500 C Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024. The conference is designed to provide participants with information on how to help their agencies achieve their missions through innovative solutions. The half-day conference will feature federal workforce programs that won GSUSA's 2018 W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Award. This complimentary showcase, entitled "Today's Federal Workforce: Cultivating Solutions to Meet the Challenges of Government," will examine how to develop the tools and techniques to solve problems and issues and create programs for a more efficient government. Conference sessions will be led by 2018 Deming Award-winning agencies that will demonstrate how they improved organizational effectiveness through training and education. NAPA President and CEO Terry Gerton will deliver the keynote address. Registration is now open and is requested in advance, as space is limited. Click here for more information.

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2019 SECoPA Call for Proposals

The 2019 Southeast Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA) announces its call for proposals. Taking place September 5-7 in Baton Rouge, this year's theme will be, "Advancing Public Administration Research and Practice in a Time of Instability and Change." Since 1969, SECoPA has been the gathering place of ideas for public service practitioners, researchers and students in its 10-state region. The conference offers attendees the opportunity to engage in scholarly discourse, discover the latest innovations, share ideas from practitioners in the field and network with other public service administrators across the region. Complementing the conference theme, we invite submissions for paper proposals, panels and professional presentations addressing cutting-edge issues and innovative ideas of scholarship and practice in public administration within a variety of program tracks. All proposals are due by May 15. Click here for more information.

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NISPAcee 2019 Annual Conference Hosted in Prague this May

The 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference will take place May 24-26, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. Organized in cooperation with Charles University, Prague and Masaryk University, Brno, the main conference theme will be, "From Policy Design to Policy Practice." Click here for more information.

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Social Equity Leadership Conference Takes Place This June

The 18th Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference (SELC), co-sponsored by the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) and the School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University—Newark, will take place June 5-7, 2019. Reflecting the increasing polarization of society and the reality that achieving social equity continues to be one of the most vexing challenges facing the world today, the theme of this year's conference is "Achieving Social Equity in Turbulent Times: A Grand Public Administration Challenge.” Click here for more information.

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2019 NECOPA Call for Papers Is Out

NECOPA 2019 has launched its call for papers for this year's conference, also the 10th anniversary of the conference, which will be held at LIU-Brooklyn, November 8-10 in Brooklyn, NY. Public governance is now tasked with building more inclusive societies for sustainable development that ensures social justice for all and requires public institutions to be both effective and accountable. Governance for sustainability means governance for a future that reflects values inherent to public service, leading with innovation in public administration. As we convene the 2019 Northeast Conference on Public Administration with a public service just as under pressure as it was 10 years ago, we seek to address innovative ways in which public administrators can tackle wicked problems during fiscal stress and turbulent governance. All proposals are due by June 15, 2019. Click here for more information.

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2019 TPAC Call for Proposals Is Out

ASPA's Section on Public Administration Education (SPAE) invites you to submit presentation proposals for the 2019 Teaching Public Administration Conference being held in collaboration with the Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC). This year, the conferences celebrate the diversity of public administration theory, praxis and pedagogy in a time of social change and upheaval. SPAE is excited to consider individual proposals for papers, presentations, panels, roundtables, and workshops. Proposals are welcomed on all topics in public administration education, from faculty, students and practitioners. All submissions are due by June 30, 2019. Click here for more information.

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Call for Papers: Public Money and Management Theme on "Developing Civil Servants"

Building, developing and retaining an impartial, efficient and effective civil service to work for parliaments is a major problem in many countries, particularly since austerity management was introduced following the global financial crisis. This Public Money and Management (PMM) theme, also the subject of PMM Live! 2019, which will be held in the House of Lords on November 7, will present a collection of articles on the latest thinking on how to achieve transparency and fairness in government and not just create a paid service that can "speak truth unto power" but also one that is capable of managing major projects, commissioning services and demonstrating creativity and enterprise. Submissions of debate articles, new development articles and full papers are invited (see https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rpmm20/current or ask Michaela Lavender for author notes). Articles can include all aspects of civil service development, for example: recruitment, retention, training, secondments, appraisals and career management. The deadline for submissions is August 30; all submissions may go directly to PMM's managing editor, Michaela Lavender.

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PAR Update

The May/June 2019 edition of PAR has been released; its table of contents appears below.

ASPA members who receive their electronic benefits must log in to the Wiley website to access these articles.

Behavioral Public Administration ad fontes: A Synthesis of Research on Bounded Rationality, Cognitive Biases, and Nudging in Public Organizations
R. Paul Battaglio, Jr., Paolo Belardinelli, Nicola Belle and Paola Cantarelli

A Norm of Evidence and Research in Decision-making (NERD): Scale Development, Reliability, and Validity
Jeremy L. Hall and Gregg G. Van Ryzin

Institutions or Contingencies? A Cross-Country Analysis of Management Tool Use by Public Sector Executives
Bert George, Steven Van de Walle and Gerhard Hammerschmid

Work Opportunities and Organizational Commitment in International Organizations
David Giauque and Frederic Varone

Employee Engagement as Administrative Reform: Testing the Efficacy of the OPM's Employee Engagement Initiative
Taha Hameduddin and Sergio Fernandez

Do Competitive Examinations Promote Diversity in Civil Service? (not available online yet)
Nathalie Greenan, Joseph Lanfranchi, Yannick L'Horty, Mathieu Narcy and Guillaume Pierne

Subnational Government Performance: Testing Multiple Dimensions of Governors' Experience
Johabed G. Olvera and Claudia N. Avellaneda

Workplace and Non-workplace Pro-environmental Behaviors: Empirical Evidence from Florida City Governments
Aisha Azhar and Kaifeng Yang

Social Accountability and Institutional Change: The Case of Citizen Oversight of Police (not available online yet)
Mir Usman Ali and Maureen Pirog

Taking a Closer Look at the Empowerment-Performance Relationship: Evidence from Law Enforcement Organizations
Shahidul Hassan, Jongsoo Park and Jos C. N. Raadschelders


Nudging the Neoliberal Agenda: Administrative Opportunities in the Deregulated State
David Oliver Kasdan

Comparing Urban Citizenship, Sanctuary Cities, Local Bureaucratic Membership, and Regularizations
David Kaufmann


Social Innovation and Democratic Leadership: Communities and Social Change from Below by M. Parés, S. Ospina, and J. Subirats (2017) (not available online yet)
Reviewed by Eli Turkel

A New City O/S by Stephen Goldsmith and Neil Kleiman (2017) (not available online yet)
Reviewed by William B. Eimicke

Visions of Empire: How Five Imperial Regimes Shaped the World by Krishan Kumar (2017) (not available online yet)
Reviewed by Alasdair Roberts

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Public Integrity Update

For the latest news on Public Integrity's articles and topics getting international attention, join the Journal's active sites at:
Public Integrity

Meet the Public Integrity Editorial Team

Here is your opportunity to meet the stellar group of scholars who have led the remarkable success of Public Integrity over the last five years. Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, and their service in volunteering thousands of hours of their time in support of the journal’s mission, Public Integrity has set and exceeded very ambitious records for growth, quality and recognition by scholars and practitioners around the world. Feel free to reach out to them via email, or say hello when you meet them in person.

Haris Alibasic
Digital Communications Strategist

Brandi Blessett
Book/Film Review Editor

Erin Borry
Digital Media Editor

J. Patrick Dobel

Richard K. Ghere
Associate Managing Editor

Richard M. Jacobs
Acquisitions Editor

Donald E. Klingner

Emile W. Kolthoff
Associate Managing Editor

Michael Macaulay
Associate Managing Editor

Donald C. Menzel
Media Editor

Lorenda A. Naylor
Associate Managing Editor

Jonathan Rose
Managing Editor

Werner Webb
Associate Managing Editor

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New on PA TIMES Online

Every Monday and Friday, ASPA publishes a curated collection of original content that covers public service, management and international affairs.

This quarter, we welcome submissions that focus on public service/civil service reform. Send your contributions to us at any time; the deadline is rolling. Contact us for more information.

Check out our recent articles and columns:

The Internet of Things is Coming—Are You Ready?
By Matthew Teal

Policymakers: Beyond Organizational Power and Control
By Iberkis Faltas

Fun Night Out: Dinner and a School Board Meeting!
By Robert Brescia

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Deputy Associate Commissioner – Office of Disability Policy, Baltimore, MD

Junior Research Analyst – The Policy and Research Group, New Orleans, LA

Director, Research and Outreach – L. Douglas Wilder School—Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

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