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June 9, 2021

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E-Learning at Your Fingertips

ASPA staff work tirelessly to keep your skills up to date and the information flowing all year long through our e-learning program. Visit our website to see more details about upcoming KeepingCurrent, BookTalk and Students and New Professionals series programming. Members, visit our webinar archives to catch up on what you have missed!

KeepingCurrent: Police Reform in the United States: A Spotlight on Houston
June 17 | 1 p.m.
Troy Finner, Chief of Police, City of Houston
Howard Henderson, Director, Texas Southern University Center for Justice Research
Laurence Payne, Chair, Task Force on Policing Reform, Mayor's office, City of Houston
Brooke Shuler, Chief of Staff, Task Force on Policing Reform, Mayor's office, City of Houston

ASPA's Greater Houston Chapter is proud to host an important conversation looking at police reform in the United States and especially in Houston. Police officers' actions have been called into question across the country and have caused civil rights activists to renew calls for police reform. Moreover, high-profile nationwide demonstrations on the subject have captured our attention. Join this discussion and be part of the narrative.

KeepingCurrent: Innovation on the Front Line: King County’s COVID Response
June 22 | 1 p.m. ET
In partnership with ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance

More than 16 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, this webinar will look at what King County, Washington, has learned and how they have adapted as the pandemic has evolved.

BookTalk: The Three Ages of Government
June 24 | 1 p.m. ET

The changes in the role of government in society have been massive in the past 250 years, and so little is known about why. Jos C.N. Raadschelders examines the questions citizens should have about their connections to government, why there is a government, what it does, how it does it and why we can no longer do without government. The Three Ages of Government rises above stereotypical thinking about government.

From the Webinar Archives
A timely topic, ASPA’s Center for Accountability and Performance hosted "Performance Management for EMS—Now More Than Ever" last spring to take a close look at emergency medical services (EMS). EMS provide a valuable public service responding to medical emergencies, including timely assessment, treatment (including critical care interventions) and, in many cases, transport to the hospital. The traditional measure of success has been based solely on response time. However, experts in emergency care and medicine propose there are more meaningful ways to think about what value this service provides to our communities. Listen in on this important discussion.

Calling All Authors! PA TIMES Now Accepting Applications

ASPA is seeking authors for PA TIMES Online for the second half of 2021. If you are reading the nuanced articles we publish through this online forum, you know our authors provide the profession with new concepts, idea starters, thoughtful research updates and valued commentary. Now is your chance to apply to join our list of columnists or invite one of your colleagues to do so!

We are looking for columnists who can write about a range of subjects. Topics include:

  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Emergency management
  • Energy and the environment
  • Revitalization of the middle class
  • Social equity
  • Budgets and financial management
  • Volunteerism
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Federalism in the 21st century
  • Evidence based decisionmaking
  • Local government administration challenges
... And, of course, COVID-19.

Open rotations are for monthly columns only. Applicants must be able to commit to writing six columns during the remainder of 2021. (Column due dates will be provided by the PA TIMES editorial team.)

Interested in being considered? Submit an application, including a sample column, for review. First-time authors and students are welcome to apply!

All applications must be submitted by June 18, 2021 for consideration.

Questions? Contact us for more information!


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The Bridge also covers important issues all public administrators/policymakers care about, including recent topics like:

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  • Major news headlines
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Public Integrity Call for Papers—Deadline Extended!

Is Hindsight 20/20? Ethical Decision Making and Leadership During Compounding Disasters
Co-Guest Editors:
Claire Connolly Knox, University of Central Florida
Amanda Olejarski, West Chester University

Unethical decisionmaking and leadership plagues disasters. It was brought to the forefront during the response efforts for Hurricane Katrina and scholars spent more than a decade analyzing these failures from multiple disciplines. Since then, the United States has experienced an increase in "natural" disasters with 2020 breaking the record with $22 billion in damages as a result of disasters. In addition to these disasters, 2020 brought with it a global pandemic, police shootings, social unrest and a contested national presidential election.

Regardless of the size of the disaster or crisis, they remain dynamic and complex, and thereby challenge leaders at every level of government and in every sector—even the most ethical ones. In the emergency and crisis management profession, the path forward needs to be created with lessons learned. Yet, ethical leadership scholarship tends to focus on one emergency, disaster or crisis—not multiple ones at the same time. 2020 has produced multiple compound disasters which tested individuals, communities, logistics systems and political institutions.

This special symposium invites empirical and theoretical explorations of various aspects of ethical decisionmaking and leadership during a recent human-induced or "natural" disaster or crisis. We welcome broad contributions from myriad angles and disciplines. The deadline has been extended. Please submit your manuscript to Public Integrity’s online portal by July 2, 2021.

Tips and Resources

Here are a range of resources posted online recently that you should check out!

How to Cope with Anxiety in the Return to 'Normal' Life
Life is slowly returning to what it was pre-pandemic, but some people may be feeling anxious about the transition. Behavioral scientist Chris Segrin explains why.

Ten Things to Say Besides Yes
People are exhausted and yet compelled to say "yes" to things that take more time and energy than they have. Here are 10 ways to not say yes, but also not say no.

Caffeine Isn’t a Great Way to Fight Sleep Deprivation
You probably shouldn't rely on caffeine to counteract the effects of sleep deprivation, researchers report. It won't help you perform tasks without errors.

How to ‘Build Back Better’ Health Habits after the Pandemic Year
A doctor offers tips on how to safely get exercise, sleep and drinking habits back into shape as the pandemic wanes.

Coronavirus in the News
While you can find our usual assortment of news headlines from the past several weeks below, here are stories specific to the coronavirus that are noteworthy.


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(Otherwise) in the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from recent weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


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Around Public Administration

Here are the most recent updates from across the profession. Did we miss you? Send us your news and we'll include it in the next round!

Upcoming Events:

  • 2021 ASPA Annual Conference
    Final month online; content expires June 30
    Theme: "Picking Up the Pieces: Pandemic, Protests and the Future of Public Service"
    Registration remains open

  • 20th Annual Social Equity Leadership Conference
    Online | June 9-11
    Theme: "Fostering Social Equity: Innovation and Change"

  • NFBPA Forum 2021
    Online | June 22-25
    Theme: "Resilience Rising"
    Registration available now

  • 2021 Korean Association for Public Administration (KAPA) International Conference
    Online | June 23-25
    Theme: "Restructuring Government and Public Service to the Era of Digital Transformation and Pandemic"
    Registration is required by June 20. Send questions to kapa21ic@gmail.com

  • ASPA South Florida Chapter Annual Awards Reception
    Online | June 24
    Honoring outstanding contributions in public service and including special scholarship presentations, ASPA’s South Florida Chapter invites all ASPA members to join them for a celebration of public service. Ten awards will be given out to city managers, nonprofit organizations, young scholars, Chapter members and more.

  • ABFM 2021 Annual Conference
    Washington, DC | September 30 - October 2
    The call for proposals deadline has been extended to June 18; online registration is open

  • SECoPA 2021
    Online | September 23-24
    The call for proposals is open; all proposals are due July 1, 2021

  • NISPAcee Annual Conference 2021
    Ljubljana, Slovenia | October 21-23
    Theme: "Citizens' Engagement and Empowerment—The Era of Collaborative Innovation in Governance"
    This conference has been moved from May 2021 to the fall to enable in-person attendance. The Call for Papers will be re-opened shortly to accommodate this change of schedule. More details will be printed here as they are announced.

  • NASPAA 2021 Annual Conference with SPAE's Teaching Public Administration Conference
    Online | October 27-29
    Theme: “Reimagining the Civic Square”
    Registration is open

  • COMPA 2022 Annual Conference
    New Orleans | March 2-5, 2022
    More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Calls for proposals, nominations and announcements:
  • South Florida Chapter Releases New Podcast Episode
    The latest episode of the South Florida Chapter's "PUBLIC SECTOR WORKS!" podcast has been released and features special guest Flora Lawson, Federal HR Chief and Consultant. Lawson provides detailed guidance on how to search for the right federal job. The podcast is hosted by Chapter Board Member Tom Hotz; co-hosts are Chapter President Isidoro Lopez, Chapter Board Member Bill Solomon and Chapter Member Ben Paley.

    In related news, the podcast has been ranked in the "Top 20 Best Public Sector Podcasts for 2021" by Welp Magazine.

  • Health Equity Scholars for Action
    The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation is looking for scholars interested in health, well-being and equity who have completed a doctoral degree within the last five years and are researchers with a full-time academic appointment that can lead to tenure, or postdoctoral fellows poised to be in such a position by the start of the program (Dec 1, 2021). They are seeking applicants from groups that are historically underrepresented in research, such as racially minoritized groups; first-generation college graduates; people for whom English is not a native language; people from low-income communities; LGBTQ+ individuals; individuals experiencing disabilities, and others. All applications are due June 16, 2021. Click here for more information.

  • ABFM 2021 Annual Conference Call for Papers
    The Association for Budgeting and Financial Management invites proposals for panels, papers and posters for its 33rd annual research conference, September 30-October 2, 2021 in Washington, D.C. Proposals are invited from practitioners, scholars and students of public budgeting and financial management and should address relevant issues at any level of government or other public serving organization, across the full range of practical and theoretical applications. Topics may include budget theory, revenue diversification, tax policy and administration, public pensions, health care finance and more. The proposal deadline has been extended. All proposals are due June 18, 2021. Click here for more information.

  • Call for Conference Papers: Redefining Public Administration: New Paradigms for the Post Pandemic Era
    As the pandemic moves beyond the one-year mark, we seek to organize a symposium that will focus upon a forward-looking examination of key paradigm shifts in public administration. Consequently, this symposium builds on the unprecedented intellectual explosion arising from the pandemic and, collectively, we hope to explore questions like: What does the past year's events mean for the future of public administration? What do they mean for the future of democratic government? What are the consequences for public policy and in what new directions will these events lead? We welcome proposals regarding these and all other relevant topics. This symposium will take place during a hybrid conference organized by Central Police University and Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs (TASPAA) in Taiwan. All proposals are due by June 30, 2021. Click here for more information. Contact Elaine Lu and Chun Yuan Wang with any questions.

  • Call for Applications: Inaugural Editor in Chief, Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration (JSEPA)
    ASPA's Section on Democracy and Social Justice (SDSJ) has launched a new journal, Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration (JSEPA) and has issued a search for the inaugural editor in chief. The editor in chief will serve in a highly visible role concerning the editorial and strategic position of JSEPA. We expect that JSEPA's content will reflect a breadth of theory, applied research and professional interests across the field of public administration, public affairs and public policy. The journal's organizing committee is seeking applications from doctorate-holding senior figures in the field who are active ASPA members. If not a member of SDSJ, the selected editor in chief agrees to become a member. Applicants should have publishing experience to ensure the success and sustainability of JSEPA in the journal's formative years and an established network spanning public, private and nonprofit sectors. All applications are due July 1, 2021. Click here for the full call for nominations.

  • Call for Proposals: SECoPA 2021
    This year’s conference theme is “Seeking equilibrium: changing public service, changing society.” The past few years have taught us that for public administrators and the communities we serve, resilience is a necessity—not a choice. Public and nonprofit professionals are now challenged to lead the way as we move through a period of immense difficulty, loss and accelerated change. In the Southeast, and throughout the United States, high expectations for public service are a constant, while the political context remains highly polarized. The 2021 conference program committee invites presentation, panel and poster proposals from graduate students, faculty and public service professionals. We particularly encourage junior faculty, doctoral students entering the job market, other graduate students and practitioners to submit proposals for live presentation. Attendance from outside the SECoPA 10-state region is welcomed but if time/logistical constraints are binding priority for presentation, slots may be given to SECoPA-region proposals. All proposals are due July 1, 2021. Click here for more information.

  • Call for Papers: PPMR—Beyond COVID-19: Public Management and Governance for a New Era
    Public Performance & Management Review (PPMR) is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal that addresses a broad array of factors influencing the performance of public and nonprofit organizations. In recognition of the critical need to reexamine public management challenges and emergency management practices in the context of COVID-19, PPMR is organizing a special issue inviting submission of theoretical and empirical manuscripts that address the public management and governance implications of COVID-19. Manuscripts are due by July 15, 2021. Contact Qian Hu and Yihong Liu with any questions. Click here for more information.

  • Call for Papers: KIPA Public Policy Review
    Korea Institute for Public Administration has issued a call for papers for its journal, Public Policy Review. The journal seeks to advance scholarly discourse in public administration and policy and addresses public policy practice by sharing robust policy research findings and best policy practices worldwide. Contact kipappr@kipa.re.kr for more information or with any questions. Click here for more information.

  • Nonprofit Policy Forum Call for Papers
    The journal, Nonprofit Policy Forum, is pleased to welcome the submission of unsolicited manuscripts year-round. NPF publishes original, high-quality research and analysis from all scholarly disciplines and all parts of the world that address important public policy issues affecting nonprofits, philanthropy and social enterprise. Articles published in NPF address a broad range of nonprofit public policy issues including but are not limited to government funding, tax, and regulatory policies related to nonprofits and philanthropy; nonprofit advocacy and lobbying; other aspects of nonprofit-government relations; social enterprise and sector boundary issues; global/cross-national NGO issues; and developments in policy fields such as health care, social justice, the environment, education, and the arts that affect nonprofits. Click here for more information.



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