ASPA Chapters and Sections are offered special resources to promote activities, events and share information with the wider ASPA and public administration community within PA TIMES Online and magazine. The below information explains the advertising and marketing resources marketing available to ASPA Chapters and Sections. Any Section or Chapter wishing to make use of these resources must follow the instructions outlined. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]

General Layout

PA TIMES magazine has three sections in each issue.
  • Thematic Articles: Each issue of PA TIMES includes original articles that discuss the theme of the issue. The theme is a broad public administration topic that is either emerging or trending in the field. The editorial calendar is released each fall for the coming year. Questions regarding the calendar or suggestions for topics can be directed to the PA TIMES editor.
  • Society News: The Society News section features ASPA-specific information, like Chapter and Section News and member spotlights.
  • Recruiter: While advertising runs throughout the magazine, the last two pages are specifically assigned for classified advertising. Vacancy positions are usually placed here. 

Types of Articles

  • Best Practice/Lessons Learned Articles: These are articles written about a new program or policy that has worked well (or not) for a federal, state or local government entity. Written as news items, many of these articles are considered for lead articles. Articles are between 800-1,200 words in length. ASPA members and nonmembers are both encouraged to submit articles for this area.
  • Special Section Articles/Editorial Calendar: Articles should relate to the topics outlined in the editorial calendar. This is a good resource for Sections, in particular, to make submissions as topics are general enough to hit several Section interests at once. Sections are encouraged to submit point/counter-point and regular articles for special sections. Articles should focus on the editorial topic and be between 1,000-1,300 words in length. ASPA members and nonmembers are both encouraged to submit articles for this area. 
  • Commentary Articles: These are op-ed type articles. These are accepted at the discretion of the editor. Articles are between 1,000-1,200 words in length. ASPA members and nonmembers are both encouraged to submit articles for this area.
  • International Commentary: These articles are written about any topic in the international arena the author wishes to discuss. Articles are between 1,000-1,200 words in length. ASPA members and nonmembers are both encouraged to submit articles for this area.
  • Solutions for Public Managers: These are articles written in a “how-to” manner about any topic. Some past topics have included “How to Write a Letter of Reference” and “Benefits of Drafting a Public Relations Strategy.” Articles are between 1,000-1,200 words. ASPA members and nonmembers are both encouraged to submit articles for this area.


Society News

Chapters and Sections are encouraged to utilize this section to share information about their activities, including award recipients, programs and announcements of new officers. Listed below are examples of the types of information that would be considered for inclusion in the Society News. Chapters and Sections are encouraged to submit photos along with text.

  • Members on the Move: This is an area for ASPA members to let others know about job changes, awards won, etc. Submissions are very brief and should be no longer than 250 words.
  • Chapter and Section News: This is an area for Chapters and Sections to share their news with others. Common submissions are annual awards ceremony pieces, guest speaker pieces, etc.  Submissions should be between 500-850 words.


Discounted Advertising

PA TIMES offers a 35% discount on advertising exclusively to ASPA Chapters and Sections for promoting their events and relevant vacancies. This arrangement is only applicable to the print and online editions of PA TIMES. For the online edition. 

  • Submissions: Contact Mike Mrvica with Mrvica Associates to complete an insertion order. Ads should be submitted camera ready otherwise there will be a cost for ad creation.
  • Discounted ad space can only be used by or for Chapter- or Section-related events or initiatives; it cannot be used by a Chapter or Section for a member’s personal or organizational gain.

Article Submission Disclaimers

PA TIMES encourages ASPA members and nonmembers to submit articles and advertising.  All articles receive fair and unbiased consideration for publication. Having said that, we must print the following disclaimers:
  • PA TIMES staff make every attempt to publish submitted articles and advertisements in the issue authors/Chapters/Sections request, however, space limits and deadline constraints may make that impossible. In such cases, staff will make a decision about the next relevant issue in which the article can be published. This may include on PA TIMES Online.
  • In rare instances, some submitted articles are deemed inappropriate or not of good quality and therefore will not be printed in PA TIMES. The only set criteria for print consideration are article size and deadline. The remaining three criteria—relevance to topic, quality of writing and interest to readers—are subjective. Space constraints and relevance/quality are always issues for PA TIMES therefore, the editorial staff considers all submitted articles for publication, but cannot promise that because an article is submitted it will be published.