Persuasive Presentations: The Art of Effectively Conveying Research Results

July 18 | 1 p.m. ET

Perfect for students new to sharing their research with fresh audiences, this webinar will provide you with different tactics to get more comfortable with presenting your research findings—especially if they’re of a scientific nature. Highlights of this webinar will include:
  • Communicating your research in ways that will make sense
  • Formatting PowerPoint presentations that best showcase your research results
  • Mastering the assertion-evidence approach
  • Effective storytelling that will contextualize your data
  • Persuading an opposition audience that your findings matter
If you’ve ever struggled to convey to an audience why your research matters to them, listen in on this discussion and pick up a few tips that can help you in future presentations.

Ana-Maria Dimand, Moderator, Florida International University and ASPA Student Representative
Karen Garrett, American Society for Public Administration
Nuriel Heckler, University of Colorado Denver
Juniper Katz, University of Colorado Denver