Need some great reasons to join ASPA? Look no further! Here are just some of the great benefits ASPA members enjoy.

Local Chapter Membership

ASPA Chapters provide an unparalleled opportunity for public administrators—practitioners, students and academics alike—to meet and network within their geographic area. Most Chapters host networking luncheons, workshops and seminars. Many present awards. Chapters meet regularly and keep you up‐to‐date about your local public service community. No Chapter in your area? Start one! Contact us for details.

Section Membership

ASPA has 30 special interest Sections , ranging from finance and budgeting to crisis management. Our Sections publish outstanding scholarly journals and newsletters that keep you current in the fields in which you work or study. Learn more about a specialized field of interest. As an expert, share your knowledge and skills through Section‐sponsored symposiums or sign up as an ASPA expert. Get involved today!

Electronic Resources

ASPA produces a series of e‐publications that feature practical advice on public administration leadership and management issues from renowned practitioners and scholars. Leadership Insights offers members a resource that is relevant, informative and easily digestible.

E-Newsletter Access

Stay connected with the rest of the public administration community! ASPA's e-newsletter, The Bridge, is distributed twice-monthly and includes the latest information from across the discipline. This Week At ASPA is delivered weekly and gives you an at-a-glance run-down of everything happening at ASPA in the week ahead.

Free Professional Development Webinars

Every month, ASPA members get exclusive access to professional development opportunities through a robust program of professional development webinars. Hear from experts in the field about best practices and trends that are changing the field or access our webinar archives after the events take place.

Free Participation in ASPA BookTalks

Learn about the latest books on the field’s hottest topics with the ASPA BookTalk series. Enjoy conversations with authors of provocative books in the public affairs arena.

Job Listings is a public job search site but ASPA members get direct alerts through e-newsletters showing some of the most recent job postings. Be among the first to know when you join ASPA!

Code of Ethics

ASPA's Code of Ethics provides members - as well as others in the discipline - basic tenets for ethical behavior in public administration. Members can also make the most of supporting documents that help them translate theory into practice.

Public Administration Review (PAR)

Enjoy a free member subscription to PAR, the top journal in public administration for the last 75 years. Stay current on topics and research important to today’s public administrators.

Advancing Excellence in Public Administration

For many, the best reason to join ASPA is to support the public service  and those in the field of public administration and management. As an ASPA member, you have a powerful and important voice in strengthening the perception of government by the general public. Whether you're making that voice heard through committee participation or through serving on the National Council, seize this opportunity!


Enjoy a free member subscription to ASPA’s magazine, PA TIMES. Focusing on concerns of public administrators, it highlights best practices in the field and news you can use. PA TIMES Online, issued twice weekly, contains the latest commentary from public administrators on current happenings. This valuable benefit is the perfect outlet through which you can share your knowledge and experience.

The ASPA Annual Conference

With more than 1,200 attendees, ASPA Annual Conferences are where experts from all levels and fields of public administration gather to discuss the latest in public service trends and share valuable information. Find information about our most recent event here.

Extensive Volunteer, Leadership and Networking Opportunities

ASPA offers countless opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering can be done on a local, regional or national level. Choose the opportunity that is best for you and add it to your professional credentials. Gain exposure to the field and bolster your resumé by becoming a leader. Be part of a vast network of public administration professionals. ASPA members use this network to draw on experience, best practices, mentoring and a host of other professional and personal needs.

Affiliate Programs

ASPA can help you build a more secure future with a wide variety of insurance options. Because of your ASPA membership, these plans are offered to you at affordable group rates. To learn more about this program for ASPA members and their families, click here.