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November 28, 2018

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Recently Released Reports Helps State, Local Governments Keep an Eye on Tech

A new report from GovLoop, an online social network for people in and around government, has been released highlighting seven technology trends state and local government professionals should have on their radar. As noted in the report, aptly titled "7 State and Local Tech Trends to Watch," these all impact service delivery at the local level, affecting public servants' interactions with their communities in a variety of ways.

"Community leaders nationwide are experimenting with current and emerging technologies to better serve their constituents, and their innovations are transforming public service," the report states in its introduction. "This guide spotlights seven of the most intriguing ways state and local governments are using new tricks for old trades. It also provides case studies and key stats that will help you launch similar initiatives at your organization."

The seven trends are:

  • Protecting the Internet of Things
  • Agencies Share Their Cloud Services
  • Drones Take Flight
  • Mapping the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Blockchain Builds a Better Future
  • Apps Add to Mobile Security
  • AI Chatbots Become a Talking Point

"State and local governments nationwide are evolving to keep up with the experiences their constituents are getting from the private sector," the report states. "Those that fall behind risk frustrating citizens and losing their engagement."

The technology that hit the private sector years ago is now becoming prominent in public spaces, and new technology is on its way, built off a foundation of these seven trends and more. These are critical pieces of government's infrastructure, but also must be managed properly to ensure equity in usage and financial oversight.

You can download your copy of the report from GovLoop here; review the details and find out how your city or state compares to others in the technology space.

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Career Day Planned for ASPA March Annual Conference

Students and those new to their public service careers who are looking for tips on the job market, or looking to expand their careers beyond its current level, should plan to spend a day in Washington, DC this March, where ASPA will be hosting a Student and New Professional Summit during its Annual Conference. Being planned for Friday, March 8, this all-day event will provide specific guidance and advice for those looking for jobs (or careers) to help them put their best foot forward.

Featuring roundtable dialogues, networking opportunities, career discussions and four hours of dedicated content specific to those starting a job search soon, this event will be a dynamic, interactive experience for anyone job shopping.

Six educational panels will include a mix of practitioner and academic presenters, to ensure attendees get sound advice, no matter the sector of interest. Topics include:

  • Getting Started
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Cover Letters
  • The Job Search
  • The Interview
  • Networking

The day continues beyond education to include hands-on training. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice their networking skills when they sit down to Career Roundtables with hiring experts and talk directly with those in charge of hiring decisions about what matters most to them. You will learn everything from questions not to ask to the most impressive pieces of your resume/CV—as well as have plenty of time to ask your own questions and get our experts' perspective on a range of topics.

Review the agenda online now and plan to be there on March 8!

Special registration rates are available for those interested in attending only this event.

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KeepingCurrent, BookTalks and Student Webinars on the Horizon

ASPA's webinars are ongoing throughout the year. Averaging 75 attendees per event and free to participate, these e-learning opportunities provide you with valuable insights and information at your fingertips. Visit our website to stay informed about all upcoming webinars including KeepingCurrent, BookTalks and the Student and New Professionals Series.

BookTalk: Public Leadership Ethics: A Management Approach
Dec. 6 | 1 p.m. EST
J. Patrick Dobel, University of Washington

Designed to help mid-level and senior managers in organizations dedicated to public purposes, this book provides trained self-awareness to deploy values to guide decisions and build the culture of their organizations. The book explores how all managing involves leading and identifies the levels of ethical responsibility for managerial leaders. Highlighting the fundamental role ethics plays in organizational life, author J. Patrick Dobel uses insights from cognitive and social psychology to discuss how to anticipate and address threats to integrity and value informed decisionmaking. The book pays special attention to the challenges of integrating diverse people and perspectives in public organizations, as well as attending to the slippages to integrity in organizational life and how managers and leaders can foresee and address ethical slippage and corruption.

Students and New Professionals Series: Publishing in Public Administration
Dec. 12 | 1 p.m. EST
Jessica Sowa, University of Baltimore and Editor in Chief, ROPPA

If you are a student or new professional and are still struggling to crack the publishing code, this webinar is for you! Jessica Sowa and some of her fellow journal editors from across the discipline will host this webinar to help you figure out best practices for getting your pieces in print. They will cover issues including author and editor expectations, reviewer best practices, timelines, must-dos, must-nots and more. Most importantly: They will answer your most pressing questions! This will be a highly interactive session; so attend ready to participate!

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Focus on Membership: Help ASPA Grow!

Do you love ASPA and the benefits that come with membership? We hope so. That's why, this holiday season, we want ASPA to be the gift that keeps on giving!

From now through the end of December, members who recruit new members will receive a $10 credit on their membership, good toward your next year's dues—and your recruit will receive a $10 credit toward their renewal next year.

There's some fine print associated with this offer, so if you are interested in taking advantage of it, please contact us for more information. Note that this offer only applies to members joining ASPA between today and December 31, 2018, so you should act now! (If you work for a government agency that needs more time to process paperwork, we can work with you! Let us know about your constraints and we will see how we can help you use this offer.)

Let your friends, family, colleagues and students get their new year started on the right foot with a year of ASPA membership. Click here to join now!

If you receive the Bridge and are not currently an ASPA member, let us know if you are interested in becoming one!

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In the News

Today's headlines contain plenty of news coverage of some of our nation's most pressing public administration challenges. ASPA has curated some of the most important stories from the past few weeks. If you have not seen these yet, make sure you read them now!


Public Finance

Public Service

Social Equity

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ASPA Annual Conference Plans Shaping Up

ASPA's 2019 Annual Conference, taking place March 8-12, is less than four months away and plans are taking shape. Focusing on our theme, "Call for Action: Advancing Public Service," this conference is a call for action on some of our discipline's most challenging needs: infrastructure, public finance, public service and social equity. We who are dedicated to the public good must answer the call, be present at this conference and join together to create solutions.

Keep your eyes on your inbox in the coming weeks as we continue to roll out news and updates. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce Presidential Panels are being finalized and full details will be released soon. In keeping with our theme's focus, the Presidential Panels will feature the discipline’s leading experts discussing their perspectives on some of our biggest challenges. Topics include:

  • Revitalizing the Middle Class: Critical Workforce Issues
  • Assessing the Trump Administration's Management Agenda: A Media Panel
  • Developing the Next Generation of Public Service Leaders
  • Census 2020: Counting Everyone
  • America's Infrastructure: Is a D+ Acceptable?
  • Cybersecurity: "Infrastructure" and So Much More

Proposal notifications have been sent out, inviting more than 800 individuals to serve as presenters, moderators, speakers and co-authors throughout this five-day event. Panel details will be posted to our conference website shortly, offering an even deeper look at what we will be discussing this March.

You may register for this event on our website; the lowest registration rates available are live now! One-day and track rates are also options, so take a thorough look at your registration choices and make sure you are set to be in Washington this March!

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PA TIMES Online Call for Authors

If you are reading the range of articles PA TIMES Online publishes twice a week, you know our authors provide you and the broader public administration community with new concepts, idea starters and valued commentary. Now is your chance to become one of them.

We are looking for columnists who can speak to a range of subjects throughout the year. Topics include:

  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Revitalizing the middle class
  • Social equity
  • Budgets and financial management
  • Performance management
  • Workforce automation
  • Volunteerism
  • Evidence-based decisionmaking

Columnists must be able to write regularly for PA TIMES Online throughout the year, either as a quarterly columnist or on a monthly basis. (Publication deadlines will be provided by the PA TIMES editorial team.)

Please visit our website to review our style guide and other details as you consider this opportunity. If you know you are interested, submit an application for review, including a sample column.

First-time authors and students are welcome and ASPA membership is not required. Please forward this announcement to your peers or graduate students for consideration.

All applications must be submitted by December 15, 2018. Questions? Contact us for more information.

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Welcome New ASPA Members!
Click here to view the most recent new ASPA members!

2018 International Conference on Public Administration Begins Friday

Co-hosted by ASPA, Syracuse University's Maxwell School and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, this year's International Conference on Public Administration will take please in Chengdu, China, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2. The theme for the event will be, "Improving Agility of Government Organizations." Themes and sub-topics will include "smart government" and lessons learned; promising practices in detecting and responding to changing risks and opportunities; balancing costs vs. benefits of improved agility; agility in upgrading delivery of public services; where agility works best; agile acquisition of IT systems; and public private partnerships: do they make government more or less agile? The conference committees will select and recommend the best papers for publication in one of the industry's premier journals including Public Administration Review, Chinese Public Administration and Chinese Public Administration Review. Click here for more information.

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SAAPAM 19th Annual Conference; Abstracts Due Nov. 30

The South African Association of Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM) has released its Call for Papers for its 2019 conference, to take place May 7-10 at the University of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit. The theme of the conference will be, "Public Affairs, Governance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Political parties in government are often considered catalysts in providing interventions to addressing some of these basic human needs issues in cases where they have collective value for a society. Classification of government in ministries and departments is an example of providing a focused approach to identify those needs which are inherently to the benefit of society as opposed to individual or private. This begs for an art of public affairs and governance to provide institutional mechanisms to realize set goals for each area. All abstracts for consideration are due by Nov. 30, 2018; full papers will be due Feb. 28, 2019. Click here for more information.

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SPLA Rohr Scholarship Nominations Due Nov. 30

ASPA's Section on Public Law and Administration (SPLA) annually awards one $500 scholarship to help defray the costs associated with attending ASPA's Annual Conference. SPLA now is accepting nominations for this year's award. Qualified applicants must be a graduate or post-graduate student enrolled in a public administration program. Recipients must be present at the SPLA Annual Event to receive the award, participate in the SPLA general meeting and commit to serving as the Student Representative for the Section for one calendar year. The nomination deadline is Nov. 30, 2018. Click here for more information.

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Call for Proposals: Nervous Areas of Governments

Susan Gooden, interim dean of the Wilder School at Virginia Commonwealth University, has issued a call for proposals for a new book she is compiling: Nervous Areas of Governments: Addressing Iniquities Around the World. Governments around the world face the challenge of espousing principles of fairness but practicing inequity in their administration. Nervousness is an emotional and physical reaction that can interfere with one's ability to perform critical tasks. Both individuals and organizations can experience nervousness. In government, it becomes harmful when it debilitates actions that are needed to promote social equity and justice. Each of the chapters in this edited volume focuses on a single country and examines a specific nervous area of government. Together, this volume expands our understanding of nervousness in the administration of government services around the world, important historical and political considerations and specific evidence of promising progress. It considers the complexity of nervous areas of governments around the world, while identifying encouraging approaches and initiatives. All proposals are due Dec. 15, 2018. Click here for more information.

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International Chapter Hamilton Award Call for Nominations

The International Chapter is seeking candidates for its Mary Hamilton Award. Applicants must show they have enhanced the field of public administration, shared their contributions and learning, have served as a mentor/role model and have worked to develop the ideals of democracy and social justice. All nominees must be received by Dec. 20, 2018. Click here for more information.

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SENRA Student Paper Competition Open

Students in graduate programs are invited to submit their papers on any environmental topic for consideration in ASPA's Section on Environmental and Natural Resources Administration (SENRA) annual student paper competition. Faculty members can also nominate student paper(s) for submission. Conference papers, term papers, journal manuscripts are eligible for submission; literature reviews and review essays are ineligible. Please note: Only one submission per student will be allowed and the paper should be written entirely by the student and not coauthored with any faculty member. The best paper will be awarded a prize of $200 and the author will receive a certificate of recognition from SENRA at ASPA's 2019 Annual Conference. All papers must be received by Dec. 31, 2018. Click here for more information.

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2019 COMPA Call for Proposals

The 2019 Conference of Minority Public Administrators' (COMPA) Annual Conference will take place March 5-7, 2019 in Baltimore. The conference theme, "A Call for Action: The Public Administration Seat at the Decision Making Table" is based on the idea of promoting and highlighting the need to have the voice of public administrators as part of the decision- and policymaking process. One of the goals of the 2019 conference is to demonstrate and reiterate the importance of the skill set, experience, knowledge and perspective of public administrators. Another goal is to create pathways for the next generation of our leadership to have a seat at the decision making table, take action and continue blazing trails of success. Tracks and submission information are available online. All proposals are due Jan. 7, 2019. Click here for more information.

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Professional Development through the Andrew Young School's Center for State and Local Finance

The Andrew Young School's Center for State and Local Finance invites you to register for executive education courses, continuing throughout the fall. Class participants typically include chief financial officers, finance directors, budget and procurement staff, county administrators and others looking to hone their skills and advance their careers. The course schedule proceeds as follows:

  • Forecasting (Special Session): Jan. 24-25, 2019 (Deadline Jan. 9, 2019)
  • Operating and Capital Budgeting: March 13-15, 2019 (Deadline Feb. 27, 2019)
  • Cost Analysis (Special Session): April 16-17, 2019 (Deadline April 2, 2019)
  • Retirement, Risk Management and Procurement: May 15-17, 2019 (Deadline May 1, 2019)

Fees for the two-days courses are $350. Click here to learn more about the executive education program and to register.

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SPAR 2019 Book Award Call for Nominations Open

The ASPA Section on Public Administration Research (SPAR) invites your nominations for the SPAR Annual Best Book award. This recognition is awarded at ASPA's Annual Conference. We welcome nominations for books on public administration published in 2018. A subcommittee of SPAR members will review each of the nominations and choose the award winner. The criterion for the award is a book that significantly contributes to research in public administration. All research methods are welcomed as are books across the wide range of public administration research. All nominations are due January 12, 2019. Click here for more information.

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Flemming Awards Call for Nominations

Sponsored by the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at the George Washington University, the 70th annual Arthur S. Flemming Awards are now accepting nominations, through Friday, February 1, 2019. The purpose of the Arthur S. Flemming Award is fourfold: to recognize outstanding and meritorious achievement in working for the federal government; to encourage the highest standards of performance in the federal service; to enhance appreciation of our form of government and the opportunities and responsibilities that it presents; and to attract outstanding individuals to a career in federal service. Eligibility is restricted to individuals currently engaged in federal government service and who have served 3-15 years. Only years directly on the federal payroll are considered service. Click here for more information.

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National Civic League Continues Application Window for All-America City Award

Since 1949, the National Civic League has designated 10 communities each year as All-America Cities for their outstanding civic accomplishments. The National Civic League is now accepting applications for its 2019 All-America City Award, focused on celebrating examples of civic engagement practices that advance health equity in local communities. They are looking for communities that demonstrate inclusive decisionmaking processes to create better health for all, and particularly for populations currently experiencing poorer health outcomes. Begin your community's application today to become a 2019 All-America City! Cities, counties, towns and tribes wishing to apply have until March 5, 2019 to submit their application. Click here for more information.

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Syracuse 12th Annual E-PARCC Competition Seeking Entries

To further stimulate the creation of effective and innovative teaching cases and simulations, the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) at the Syracuse University Maxwell School is sponsoring its 12th annual competition of E-PARCC. E-PARCC is a project of the "Collaborative Governance Initiative" launched in 2007. It provides free online resources for those who teach collaborative public management, networks and public management, collaborative governance, international development and collaborative problem solving around the world. More than 3,000 visitors per month from 40 different countries take advantage of E-PARCC teaching materials. There are two competitions this year and all entries are due by March 15, 2019. Click here for more information.

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PAR Update

PAR followers can look for co-editor-in-chief Jeremy Hall at this year’s International Conference on Public Administration, beginning this Friday in Chengdu. PAR will be publishing some of the best student papers from the conference.

Vol 78:6 is out and available online. The following are new articles on Early View.


Only When We Agree! How Value Congruence Moderates the Impact of Goal‐Oriented Leadership on Public Service Motivation
Ulrich Thy Jensen, Lotte Bøgh Andersen and Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen

Institutional Anticorruption in China: Effectiveness on Bribery Incidence
Xing Ni and Xuhong Su (Su Su)

Knowledge Construction in Public Administration: A Discourse Analysis of Public Value
Franziska Wallmeier, Bernd Helmig and Mary K. Feeney

The Dynamics of an Interorganizational Emergency Management Network: Interdependent and Independent Risk Hypotheses
Kyujin Jung, Minsun Song and Hyung Jun Park

Direct Government Investment: Perverse Privatization or New Tool of Government?
Charles R. Wise and Eva M. Witesman

Behavioral Public Administration ad fontes: A Synthesis of Research on Bounded Rationality, Cognitive Biases, and Nudging in Public Organizations
R. Paul Battaglio Jr., Paolo Belardinelli, Nicola Bellé and Paola Cantarelli

A Norm of Evidence and Research in Decision‐making (NERD): Scale Development, Reliability, and Validity
Jeremy L. Hall and Gregg G. Van Ryzin


The INSPIRE Framework: How Public Administrators Can Increase Compliance with Written Requests Using Behavioral Techniques
Nicholas Faulkner, Kim Borg, Peter Bragge, Jim Curtis, Eraj Ghafoori, Denise Goodwin, Bradley S. Jorgensen, Lena Jungbluth, Sarah Kneebone, Liam Smith, Breanna Wright and Paula Wright

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Public Integrity Update

For the latest news on Public Integrity's articles and topics getting international attention, join the Journal's Twitter page: https://twitter.com/PubIntegrity, or our other active sites at:

Public Integrity

New Symposium in Public Integrity: Homeless LGBT Youth in the 21st Century
Guest Editor: Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco

Read it here: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/mpin20/current

Homeless youth is not a new phenomenon, but the importance of homeless LGBT youth has been woefully overlooked within public administration. The rise in numbers of homeless LGBT youth is growing nationally and the results are most often devastating. It is with a sense of urgency that this symposium addresses the key concerns, consequences and methods of prevention and effective response.

Table of Contents
Public Administration's Ethical Dilemma: Homeless LGBT Youth in the 21st Century
Richard Greggory Johnson III

LGBT Youth Homelessness: What are You Going to Do About it?
Jama Shelton

Thinking Outside the Box: Using Multi-Sector Approaches to Address the Wicked Problem of Homelessness Among LGBTQ Youth
Kristen Norman-Major

LGBT Homeless Youth and Policing
Sean A. McCandless

Moral Readings of the Court: Discrimination Cases in the U.S. Supreme Court
Bradley S. Chilton, Viviane E. Foyou and Stephen M. King

Providing Solutions to LGBT Youth Homelessness: A Case Study of the Youth Empowerment Society in Baltimore City
Stephanie Dolamore and Lorenda A. Naylor

A Public Ethics Approach Focused on the Lives of Diverse LGBTQ Homeless Youth
Richard Greggory Johnson III, Mario Antonio Rivera and Nancy Lopez

Absent Inclusion Policies: Problems Facing Homeless Transgender Youth
Mitchell Dylan Sellers

Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing and Policy Adoption
Nicole M. Elias

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New on PA TIMES Online

Every Monday and Friday, ASPA publishes a curated collection of original content that covers public service, management and international affairs.

This quarter, we welcome submissions that focus on global public administration. Send your contributions to us at any time; the deadline is rolling. Contact us for more information.

Check out our recent articles and columns:

Infrastructure: Commingling, Financing and Funding Through Technology Incentives?
By Daniel Bauer

Replication and Scaling Up: Using Process Evaluation to Understand Why Social Programs Do or Do Not Work
By Saunji Fyffe

Digital Hedgehogs and Digital Foxes: Automation in the Federal Government
By Bill Brantley

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Vice President of Sustainable Public Finance – Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Houston, TX

Vice President of Development – Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC

Director, Master of Public Administration Program – The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

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